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Iggy Emiliano Online Store Welcome, You can easily shop with a few steps you will take at our online store. You can review the product, brand, or product categories you are looking for from the main menu of your website; you can also use search filters in the left corner by clicking on the brands or categories again, you can easily access the products with the features you want. You can also follow up on opportunity products and current campaigns from the website homepage. You can see the product from the detail page of the product that interests you; You can get information about price, installment options and technical specifications, you can add product to your shopping cart with the "BUY" button on the same page. If you have already signed up for my website, you can log in immediately by specifying your membership details, and if you are not a registered user, you can continue shopping by filling out the "quick membership form" which will last only 20 seconds.


How to Shop in Five Steps On the "Sepetim" page you can view the product you want to buy, if you want to continue shopping you can use the "Continue Shopping" button. If you have a gift voucher or a discount voucher, you can use this code in the "Coupon Code" section at the bottom of the page and click the "Complete" button on the same page to go to the "Address Information" tab. After you reach the Delivery Information section, please provide the complete address information for the delivery of the product you are purchasing. If you want the product to be delivered to a different address in the previously specified address, you can enter your new address information using the "New Address" option. If you prefer to have your order arrive at a different address than your shipping address, you can add your billing address separately. If you want your fate to be cut in the name of the company, you must fill in the relevant fields.


If the product you purchase is suitable for "Fast Delivery" conditions, you can choose "Fast Delivery" option for deliveries in Istanbul and you can get your address within 4 hours for your payment. You can go to the "Payment Method" step by clicking the "Continue" button on the right. Payment Method; credit card, wire transfer and payment options, you can fill in the corresponding fields immediately below. Once you have reviewed the distance sales contract and preliminary information form on the same page, select the "I read and approve the Distance Sales Agreement and Preliminary Information Form" box. You can complete your order by clicking the "Make Payment" button at the bottom When you are directed to the Payment Confirmation tab, you can see details of the payment process that you have performed. Your order will be ready to be delivered within 3-4 business days from the moment we receive it. If you have "Same Day Kargoda" beside the "Add Sepete" button on the detail page of your purchased product, your order will be prepared within the day and delivered to cargo.

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